Yup its that time again! new smokin' collection out now

Top and pants by Agoraphobix

its wintery, its cold and iv got a bit of the sniffles, but hey, it doesn't mean we cant celebrate yet another collection that will lighten up these dreary days right?

top by Agoraphobix
skirt by Agoraphobix

This week I have an explosion of fuchsia and red for you in any form possible lighter and darker.
For example, try out this uber sexy stripy skeleton hand print halter top, its so 50's! match it up with this mischievous pink bullet zipper slit pencil skirt and it will turn any girly girl into a pinup queen!

top by Agoraphobix
top by Agoraphobix
I have a wide selection of long sleeve tops this week (well it is winter after all!) make sure you dont miss out on this adorable pink leopard and broken heart print hoodie, it warms your neck but still reveals enough cleavage to keep things interesting :)
Also this gray and black long sleeve top with the neon pink  stitches is a must have, it will warm you up, while still being fitted and sexy and it will add a light splash of color to your whole look!
And if you like to layer things up I have this super cute 50's print zipper hoodie, it has kanga pockets on the front with lace lining, a corset tie on the back for the perfect fit and loads of skulls, pinup girls and other great drawings printed on it. What more could a girl want?
top by Agoraphobix
pants by Agoraphobix
Pair any of these with this uber cute purple destroy print mini skirt for a day to day wear or with these hot mama pink and black vinyl pants for going out and your ready to go!
skirt by Agoraphobix

dress by Agoraphobix
dress by Agoraphobix
On the dress department I have 2 super hot options for you, This neon rainbow snakeskin and spandex bustier one is so hot it sizzles, the snakeskin fabric to me is so addictive with its pretty pretty colors and the black wet look spandex defines it as a hot little piece that is totally irresistible!
the second dress I have for you is this black and white headphone, crossbones and skull print princess dress, which is so versatile, wear it during the day over tights with a small biker jacket or during the night with some sexy high heels , it will work for you both ways!

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