New super deliciouse collection out now!!!

leopard skirt and stripe top by Agoraphobix

destroy bustier zip dress by Agoraphobix
stripe bat top by Agoraphobix

So This week I went totally monochromatic, with loads of black and white signature pieces, such as this  evil and cute stripe and bat long sleeve top,
These awesome zebra and destroy print 4 pocket pants that to my opinion are a must have (seriously holding back on not taking these for myself) and my masterpiece for this week, this awesome destroy bustier dress, which I worked for houres on! all the stitch lining is made out of zipper parts, how cool is that?!

skull vinyl corset by Agorphobix
Spandex high waist skirt by Agoraphobix
and dont miss out on my 2 corsets this week, this lime green and vinyl green stitch skull patch full boned corset, that will surely get you noticed wherever you go, and the more classical black flower brocard ruffle lace waist clincher.

leopard top by Agoraphobix
zebra destroy pants by Agoraphobix
waist clincher by Agoraphobix

Also, Im continuing my special price item holiday sale this week too, So dont miss out on this polka dot and cute skull triangle top,A super cute skull and stripe halter top,
and on the pink side, I have this pink polka dot and skull print stretch mini and this cute 80's inspired hot pink star print slouch racer top.
polka dot skull top by Agoraphobix

items out now!!!

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Check back again this week for my next blog, dedicated to black and white, where you can find some items from this collection and a whole lot of accesory items I found for you to complete the look:)


skeleton leopard pants by Agoraphobix
Even more new rocking items coming your way!!!

zebra ruffle top by Agoraphobix
leopard ear hoodie by Agoraphobix

This week dont forget to check out this awesome pink kitty ear hoodie that I featured in my last blog
This uber spunky pink zebra ruffle racer top,

I also so made these skeleton hand 4 pocket leopard pants that are so cool
you can wear them from day to night, And dont miss this signature piece red bunny and leatherette waist clincher with ruffled lace laning.

And there are still more featured so dont forget to check them out!

stripe star top by Agoraphobix
leopard "damaged" skirt by Agoraphobix
as for my special pre holiday sale thats still going strong, I have for you this wicked pink leopard "damaged" print skirt,
A super cool green stripe & star print triangle top, and a kissable heart print top:)

So go get them while they are still on!

bunny ruffle waist clincher by Agoraphobix
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V stripe baby doll by Agoraphobix



all things eary and fuzzy

leopard kitty ear jacket by Agoraphobix

I have been a woman obssesed lately. I admit it. with all the hardship it takes to admit an addiction, I admit, im addicted to cuteness.

leopard kitty ear jacket by Agoraphobix
I always featured cute items on my collection, but never did I feature so many.
The thing is I always liked kittys, as you may know I already have 2 cats at home, sasha and lilly which are amazingly sweet and always seem to inspire me.
Last year  lilly "helped" me sew ( she sat next to me and played with the sewing thread I was using) and while she ran around the house for the 1000 time with the overlock threads in her mouth ( she has a special relationship with my overlock machine, she hates it and trys to de thread it as much as she can) I thought to myself I have to, but have to add ears on the hoodie I was making. It was an engeneering process of how to acieve this, because there are a few important issues on hand. How do you make them stand up? which size should they be? if they are to big it looks unproportional and a bit iddiotic and if they are to small they are not really noticable. and what should I make them out of? and how can I add to it, to give it the perfect finishing touch?
zebra kitty ear jacket by Agoraphobix*
Luckily I remembered some doll making tips from the time my sis and I made teddy bears when we were in Australia ( we were big on arts and crafts back then), I decided to make the ears out of felt, the best material for these to my opinion, and to stuff them, like making stuffed doll. As for the special ingrediant, I went for small patches on the front, my first patch was a kitty paw.
My test hoodie came out adorable, and was a pretty succesfull piece.
stripe kitty ear sweater by Agoraphobix
Well this year I started getting pre orders for my kitty hoodies back in august. I really got in the mood. This winter its a kitty ear takeover!
So as you can see I started making a few lately, and Im giving you some previews of whats to come, and what can be bought right now.
And its not limited to leopard and kitty prints! how about a zebra ear hoodie? it works for me!
Im so obssesed with this cut that I even decided to make a super soft leopard and zebra hoodie scarf which I absolutly love!
kitty ear leopard scarf by Agoraphobix*
And if you want something that is less animal resemblant but still has the cuteness, I made this awesome stripe knit kitty ear hoodie .
These hoodie are such a great solution! fuzzy and warm so they keep you nice and cosy in winter, I also added kanga pockets so you dont freese your kitty paws off.
And then you get your uber cute signature style with it! 2 super duper cute ears and a patch, may it be a kitty paw or heart ( or anything else you like, give me a shout out if you want a different one:))
And Im thinking of what else to make! got any special coolors you like? I would love making one in a classic black and red for example, I mean really the options are endless!
But how do you complete this look? what can you add to so much fluffiness? So I went searching for a way to accesories these hoodie, and these are some of the picks I found:)

zebra kitty ear jacket by Agoraphobix*

pink leopard kitty ear jacket by Agoraphobix*
leopard kitty ear top by Agoraphobix

So lets start with some kitty classics! what girl is complete without her paws? I found these awesome kitty paw gloves by magpiesmasquerie that will keep your hand warm and cosy while looking super adorable!
and if were into animal inspirations, she also made this super cute Octupus hat you should check out.
Octopus cap by magpiesmasquerie
kitty paw gloves by magpiesmasquerie

I found another pink deliciouse cap from ForwardMotionArt, its made out of pink zebra fleece which is super warm and suitible for these snowy days.
I also found these cute cosplay kitty ears by     nekochii that you can wear under your hoodie so you will never have to be earless:)

kitty ears by nekochii
zebra fleece cap by ForwardMotionArt

going on with the kitty theme are handbags! I couldnt resist this cotton kitty print tote by PaisleyMagic ( that will go together amazingly with any leopard kitty ear hood by the way!)laptop looks I found a mischievous death kitty laptop bag by bag FA2u.
cotton kitty bag PaisleyMagic
kitty laptop bag FA2u

stripe puffy hair bow ammeB
leopard puffy hair bow ammeB
and dont think I neglected your hair!
pins bows hair bands , where should I start?!
well I almost died of cuteness when I saw these mega puffy hair bows by ammeB! man this girl got it, these bows are so adorable you just want to wear them all day!

purple kitty hair pin by cherrydollyface
kitty hair bow gotitabows
This purple lace and kitty hair clip by cherrydollyface is a great solution if you dont want to go to the extreme but still keep that adorable kitty vibe.

And another cute kitty hair pin you must check out is by  gotitabows , I was seduced by its leopard print and wonderfull color coordination!

cupcake ear plugs by glamasaurus
leopard hear studs by glamasaurus
As jewelery I found some cute heart leopard earrings by glamasaurus that will suite your kitty hoodie like a glove (or earring:)) I couldn't resist putting her ear plugs here too, seriously this girl makes me want to go and make my lobes fit them!

Kitty recycled necklace by o0oCuppyCakeo0o

On the necklace department I found this kitty necklace by o0oCuppyCakeo0o. its made out of recycled soda cans which makes them look so unique and helps the environment which is a double reason to buy them!

kitty mary jane shoes by emandsprout

and last but not least, these kitty mary janes by emandsprout will keep your legs looking super cute and animal friendly!

So now I dressed you guys from head to toe, go get yourself some kitty gear and make it purrrrfect!

pink leopard hoodie by Agoraphobix*
pink leopard kitty ear shrug by Agoraphobix

* these itmes are coming up soon!!! check back for updates!!!


Wow this week went by fast! new collection up and ready!

stripe ear and heart hoodie by Agoraphobix
This week just went by so fast!

so what do I have for you prettys this week? 
I have yet another ear hoodie, this time with stripes for all you stripy girls!!!
leopard skull pencil skirt by Agoraphobix
I made this awesome red leopard and skull pencil skirt to sex up your wardrobe, and some hooligan pinstripe pants with a leather strap for your gangster days:)
And also I made a super special sliver and black waist clincher with nurse crosses for all you cyber chickies.

pinstripe strap pants by Agoraphobix
leopard ruffle top by Agoraphobix
nurse waist clincher by Agoraphobix
And also my special holiday sale continues! Dont miss out on these items!!!
leopard skull dress by Agoraphobix
pinstripe skull top by Agoraphobix
skull & leopard bustier by Agoraphobix
A sexy leopard and skull long sleeve dress to warm you up and keep you scorching hot on your dates ,
And a leopard bustier top that seriously no one can resist      ( and neither can I! I almost didnt list it!)

So happy shopping sweeties!

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