black & white with a deadly bite! top picks for my monochrome girls

Debbie harry sporting a black & white zebra leotard!
We did it better. yup we did! alternative fashion always knew how black & white was the perfect mix of sleek, contrast and insanity. we always played with this monochromatic mix, and no color blocking or black & white stripe trend can take that away from us! but since it is oh so hot right now, here are some awesome little items that will keep your monochromatic style still weird but stylish!

I design alot with black and white in my line Agoraphobix , I love mixing it with a bit of color for the perfect eye catching effect, its so classy and yet playful.  you can actually pair a black and white item with your fave color -  mixed in as a pair of colored wet look leggings, a belt, or even in a detail in the design. its a fail proof schick styling option!

Check out these awesome examples from Agoraphobix, how they make things pop !
set by  by Agoraphobix
zebra varsity jacket by  by Agoraphobix

 the first is this super cute V stripe slouch top, paired with a candy apple red pair of wet look leggings and a biker jacket - so cute and perfect for spring!

this awesome fleece zebra varsity jacket has a pink zipper incorporated in the design  giving it a stand out edge that is classy and sugary sweet.

I paired this amazing zigzag stripe dress with a rainbow colored snakeskin print waist belt for a waist definition with an edge.

zigzag stripe dress by Agoraphobix

stripe pencil skirt  by Agoraphobix
rose pencil skirt  by Agoraphobix
A really cool way of incorporating a color splash is through these sexy classy pencil skirts. they both have a changeable corset tie in the back, just pick and choose the color you want to lace through them. both the stripe & rose print are basic and can carry your wardrobe to a whole new monochromatic dimension - a play with black & white and prints.

If you feel like playing it cool all the way, and just sporting the black & white combo, you can try working it with this super sleek V stripe racer back dress,  lightweight and fun, its perfect for spring with a long cardigan over it and a little clutch.
stripe dress  by Agoraphobix

set  by Agoraphobix
skirt by Agoraphobix
Another cool day to day look it a little mini , like this headphone & crossbones print mini skirt. super adorable and full of attitude, I would pair it witha black t shirts, a heavy pyramid stud belt and studded combat boots.

set  by Agoraphobix

Try going with your wilder attitude with this black leatherette circle skirt (it has pyramid studs on the front, soooo awesome!) paired again with the slouch V stripe top featured in the beginning and a pair of booties its a fun outfit for pubbing or clubbing.

biker dress by Agoraphobix

Take your inner biker chick to a whole new level with this slither sexy zebra spandex & vinyl biker dress, with biker quilt stitches on the boob cups and on the front its a perfect mixture of cool vixen and very VERY bad girl!

another cute option for a monochromatic splash is this black & white stripe and black vinyl boned corset with corset ties on the bust. try it over a simple white button down blouse and a black tie, with a pair of slinky black skinny jeans and high heels. perfection!
stripe corset  by Agoraphobix

Searching etsy for accessories was a breeze as usual, such awesome items!

Im loving this amazing wide waist belt in black and white by LeatherRK. The sleek black and black & white stripe panel are a beautiful contrast to any item you put it over, and it will make your waist appear super tiny as an added bonus.
belt by LeatherRK

mustache scarf by ForgottenCotton 

Scarfs are an awesome way to incorporate a cool monochrome item in your wardrobe! check out this street wise mustache print scarf from ForgottenCotton, 

pug scarf by LigaKandele

or this adorable hand painted pug dog scarf by igaKandele.
Both will look amazing with a plain t shirt or a buttoned down chrisp white blouse with jeans, adding a cool touch to a day look outfit.

collar by Aynur Dereli 
necklace trendycollars
another cute way to accessorize your neck line is off course necklaces. this amazing collar crochet necklace by Aynur Dereli handmade jewelry accessory is a cute way of incorporating a business savvy sophistication to your look,
 while the free spirited girls might like this daisy crochet necklace by trendycollars.

business card holder by TwiggyandOpal

make a flashy style statement with this uber cute black & white sewing machine print business card holder by TwiggyandOpal (no personal feelings attached here I promise! I have not involved my sewing machine fetish in any way:)) 

Ipad cover by VintageFabricFinds

Another little item that will make your day at work a whole lot happier is this cat print Ipad cover by VintageFabricFinds, cats are definitly my favorite animals, so this one has me hooked!

tote by Mokadesigntotes

Arm warmers by SeamstressbytheSea
keep your hands warm and your eyes happy with these cute and morbid Edgar Allen Poe inspired raven arm warmers by SeamstressbytheSea. and 

carry a little skull print tote by Mokadesigntotes for a complete sweet evil look!

I had to add these little ruffled houndstooth bikini bottoms by FablesbyBarrie, I loive the high waist and the flattering cut! so cute I would wear them out around town:)

bikini bottoms by FablesbyBarrie

hair pin by flora de lene 
top hat by daisy lee

Maybe you should go wild with hair accessories  try out this fancy chevron, tulle and polka dot hair piece by flora de lene
or even go wild all the way with this adorable feather & brooch top hat by daisy lee .

thats the fun thing with black and white - no matter how over the top you go, it will always look classy!
remember that;)



Spring Fling loves red? pring collection part 2 is up for grabs!

set by Agoraphobix

I know you'v been waiting for it.... well here it is! Part 2 of the new Agoraphobix rocking spring line! 
onwards sexy vixens, flash it with your leathers, spandex, and all that hot black red and white, this collection is going to blow your socks off!

Pants by Agoraphobix
top by Agoraphobix
Starting off with this super cute polka dot & bow print long sleeve turtle neck top. its the perfect item for this weather, lightweight fabric with a cover cut that keeps you warm, and yet slinky and fun with the awesome print. Oh, and it also has zombie stitches and a bow on the turtle neck. how cute is that?
I paired it with one of my fave designs ever, these retro 50's inspired high waist polka dot Capri pants, perfect for any girl dreaming she was in the Pink Ladies from Grease! the cut is super flattering, and the back pockets have pyramid studs on them for a cool modern punk touch. how can you go wrong?
set by Agoraphobix

wet look leggings by Agoraphobix
set by Agoraphobix
So many of you wanted me to make you special order pairs of these hot spandex wet look leggings, that I just couldn't resist listing them! these are definitely a staple in any rock girls closet, choose your color (red, pink, black blue, turquoise, silver, purple..... wow!) and size, and rock these with any of your fave t shirts, or under a dress or skirt. these are just the ticket for a cool urban rock chick look!

dress by Agoraphobix
dress by Agoraphobix

A dress with pockets is always a winner in my book, its fun, its flirty and gives you a place to put your hands in while walking, a major plus! this little electroclash 80's inspired red pink orange stripe print pocket dress has an ultra cool racer back, and star studs on the bust and pockets for a sweet 80's style touch!

top by Agoraphobix
skirt by Agoraphobix
Sometimes you just need a sweet top to wear on a day to day basis. something simple, but keeps your personal style in check. this little red white and gray nautical star print t shirt is here to do that job! perfect for a work look or even just for hanging around town, this little number has a sexy scoop neck top and a flattering yet cute cut that will work perfectly with a pair of jeans, or a sweet skirt.
I chose to pair it with this super hot red & white polka dot print mini skirt. its got a retro style high waist for that modern pinup girl look, and its made out of a super soft lightweight Lycra that works amazing with leggings for spring and isnt too constrictive as is in summer.
set by Agoraphobix

set by Agoraphobix
top by Agoraphobix

Last (and Loved !), I have had soooooo many requests from you guys for another old school band reconstruction top, so here it is!  this amazing Skinny Puppy top,  made out of a licensed skinny puppy guys T shirt is perfect for all you beutifull deathrock, goth and 80's fans! 
its the classic Skinny Puppy print, with a flattering cut (made for chickas finally!), has a sexy fishnet back and a super cool bleached effect I created on the front. Perfect for your next party or show!

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