New pink and purple collection out now!!!

zebra jacket by Agoraphobix

leopard dress by Agoraphobix

I was in a pinkish purple mood this week I guess!
This week I have a bumper crop of awesome items for you, like this pink leopard and swallow print princess dress

destroy top by Agoraphobix

star pants by Agoraphobix

These super awesome purple skull candy and star skinny jeans that you must pair with this awesome pink zebra sports jacket ,

leopard top by Agoraphobix
leopard skirt by Agoraphobix

and a pink leopard scoop neck top that is too adorable for words and goes great with this purple leopard and zebra cheerleader skirt.

tartan top by Agoraphobix

razor corset by Agoraphobix
I also have some items on the punk side, like this rocking tartan and mosh pit addict print princess top and this super cool pinstripe and heart razor blade print boned corset. you cant get more unique than that!

Also were on the last few weeks of my special sale, so dont miss out on these 3 awesome skirts,

polka dot skirt by Agoraphobix
tartan skirt by Agoraphobix
biohazard skirt by Agoraphobix

star racer by Agoraphobix

headphone top by Agoraphobix
Also I have 2 adorable tops for you on sale, this super awesome headphone print tie back halter top and this star and destroy print racer top that is just full of attitude!

Also dont forget Iv got a few sale items on etsy too, so dont forget to check them out!

New items out now!!!
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Flirting with the Devil - biker inspired gear

Stitch corset by agoraphobix
Ahh! Grease!!!!
When I was smaller I always wanted to be in the pink ladies (from grease) I mean which girl didnt? they were so cool sexy and confident
any girl would like to take their place (excluding the dancing and singing about that summer night stuff, that was never my thing...)
The thing is, that these girls are right up the alley of what every girl really wants to be, a biker chick.

Biker dress by Agoraphobix
Madonna in Gaultier
As I stated in my last blog it was always one of my favorite looks (not specifically biker, but all things motocross and that include tight shiny outfits).
So as you may have read I was totally inspired this week by biker chicks and I made a super awesome collection, but on this blog I thought I might extend my research, dig up some more cool gear and accessories you gals can use to complete your biker chick look.

So In this weeks collection I made a few super duper awesome items that you really should not miss out on, like this sex kitten zebra and vinyl biker stitch dress, which is truly a unique piece that is a must (almost didn't put it up for sale cause I love it so much) the round stitching on the bust are reminiscent of Madonnas early years, and the V stitching on the front is borrowed directly from guys biker coats.
On the same alley is this purple 3 shade vinyl boned corset with the same V shaped stitches on the front in light purple, its seriously delicious!

As for pants you don't want to miss out on these babys! I made them out of white denim and
stitch pants by Agoraphobix
pants by Agorapohobix

added texture again with pink stitching on the knees front and back. I also screen printed swallows all over the pants to give them that wild child 50's feel.
I also have these super awesome red and black vinyl pants that totally inspired by the car racing suits, they are simply to die for and Ill be more than happy to make you these in any 2 color combination you like, just give me a shout out of what you like!

Also this super awesome checkered corset top is inspired by the nascar flag and is super hot, not only the corset tie in the back is dead sexy it will also ensure the perfect fit on your curves.

Racer top by Agoraphobix

top by Agoraphobix
Another must have is the classic racer top, I have more than a few with lots of colors and prints,
but for this the best suited one is this "riot" print zombie stitch racer top.

And I have to add these two corsets that will match your outfit perfectly, 
whether its a full boned red and black vinyl corset or a red and black wist clincher that you can wear over your favorite top or dress.

corset by Agoraphobix
Corset by Agoraphobix
Clincher by Agoraphobix

Jacket by Agoraphobix
Zebra jacket by Agoraphobix
Every biker chick needs a signature jacket right? so I have these insanely sweet jackets, the first and my favorite is this awesome blue
leopard and pleather jacket, I also have this fleece and shimmer denim leopard jacket that is guarantied to keep you warm (nothing keeps you snugglier that a fleece lining, even in hard winds) and this zebra fleece and pleather jacket that is super warm and irresistable!
Leo Jacket by Agoraphobix

I also went on a whirlwind ride after the coolest biker accessories, aמтd I found these rocking items!
slouch bag delacyonline
executioner bag by beanbun
On the bag department I was looking for the total experience, leather and chains' you know the whole deal!
I sure as hell found it in this awesome leather slouch stud bag by
delacyonline, it so embodies the ride free spirit.
I also found this cool vegan alternative, this executioner bag by beanbunthe gives you the hard metal edge with fabric too. Another item I had to add is this cute pink glitter skull purse by velvet bitch originals, its cute glittery and will give you a slight edge to your look.

bag by velvet bitch originals

On the necklace department I found a trio of amazing items, I can never resist handcuff jewelry, especialy when its pink and sparkly! this necklace by felonyinc is the epitome of handcuff galore!
handcuff necklace by felonyinc
necklace by robinhoodcouture
angelheart necklace by Carlottavaldes
Also, going on with the motor angel motif, I found this most awesome angelheart necklace by Carlottavaldes for the romantic girls, and its tougher sister the wing necklace by robinhoodcouture, same principal but a totally different look, if it were up to me, I would wear them together.

scarf by crrysstall
Now every biker chick needs a scarf/bandanna right? well I found this beautiful hand painted silk
skull scarf by crrysstall, which will do the trick while keeping you unique in the crowd.

gloves by tinybully
Gloves off course are the next thing you would want, and I
leather gloves by heavymetallaundry
really don't think anyone can resist these awesome purple leather fingerless gloves by heavymetallaundry.
A vegan option for biker gloves has to be this awesome pair of knit and stud gloves by tinybully that are sure too keep your hand snuggly while giving you an edgy look.

corset belt by ZoeHong

Another must have for me is always a belt with a statement, it sits in the middle of your body and defines your waist, so it better be damn hot!  this awesome leather and chain corset belt by ZoeHong is a perfect accessory over dresses and pants.

utility belt by chateauniftypop

A cool item is this red and black leather utility belt by chateauniftypop, that is super usefull' especially in clubs where you dont really want to carry 
around a big purse.

If you just want a real good cool belt this has to be it, super simple yet right to the point, this skull buckle by WATTOonline will do the job!

strap by Calynette
Last but not least, you have to have the boots, sexy tall and strappy!
I found a great solution for you to jazz up your own boots without
spending a fortune on a new pair, with the help of this studded boot strap by Calynette.

And for the finish I had to save one of my all time favorite, the new rock malicia boots. I have a pair its super comfy and looks gorgeous with pants or a dress, you seriously cannot go wrong with a pair of these!
new rock malicia boots

till next time,


New biker inspired collection out now!!!

Biker dress by Agoraphobix

Boy do I have a new exciting collection for you gals!
I know deep inside each one of you chickas wants to be a biker chick, so do I! 
So this week I went motorcross crazy and spun out some uber new exciting items for you!

top and pants by Agoraphobix
pinstripe corset by Agoraphobix
Make sure you check out these super hot white and pink stitch swallow print skinny jeans, match it up with this casually hot v stripe slouch top and your ready to go!

Biker corset by Agoraphobix
Biker pants by Agoraphobix
I also have this amazing zebra and vinyl stitch bustier dress for a hot biker vixen look you cant ignore and this super duper awesome purple and black biker stitch boned corset that will make people turn their heads after you wherever you go!!

pirate bustier by Agoraphobix
Zebra halter top by Agoraphobix
Another scorching hot item is this pink zebra and skull print halter top that will give you an instant pinup glam, a super cute red tartan and pirate skull bustier top that will bring out the grrr! in your inner pirate and this awesome long sleeve stripe and broken heart print hoodie that will keep ya snuggly and warm while still looking good.

stripe hoodie by Agoraphobix
And dont forget that I still have my special holiday sale going on,
bat mini by Agoraphobix
Skull mini by Agoraphobix
This week Im featuring this 3 cute minis, a blue tartan and bat print mini that will take you from day to (evil) night without a glitch,
This awesome streetwise bleach and skull print zipper mini that you just cant miss out on and an urban camouflage and skull print mini to rock on with!

Blade top by Agoraphobix
pirate hoodie by Agoraphobix
On the top department I have this awesome polka dot razor blade and button triangle top that is super adorable and this uber cute pirate skull and umbrella print racer hoodie top.

Bleach mini by Agoraphobix
Also dont forget Iv go a few items on sale on etsy too, so make sure you dont miss out on them!

New items out now!!!

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