Bright colors, big city! new collection out now:)

dress by Agoraphobix

A new collection is out now, with fun bright colors and addictive prints!

Check out this uber sweet pink hounds tooth & lightning print short sleeve hoodie top! its oh so sute and comfy, perfect for a day out in the sun.
I paired it with this sexy little denim and broken heart print mini, complete with 2 front pockets and a bleach treatment around the seams to give it that rugged look:)

Another top that goes perfectly with that mini is this stripe racer top, I added zipper trim under the bust for some extra definition and a silver zipper on the front to complete the look, perfect to do the jailhouse rock in!
Another fun summery option is this pink turquoise and gray stripe skull print mini skirt, the fun bright colors will definitely make you a happy bunny while wearing it and the skull print shows your true colors;)
This pink zebra print dress is just the perfect little item for summer, its slinky and easy wear with the best colored zebra print around!
If you want something that can work great both day and night, this turquoise star print v neck dress is just the item fir you, its super adorable, and it has front pockets that really tie the look together!

This week Im listing this awesome purple vinyl and pleather waist clincher, perfect little add on to any top or dress, its complete with a metal chain corset tie on the front for the hardcore edge.

clincher by Agoraphobix

Also dont forget the 40% off items I have on my web site, some awesome finds there you wouldn't want to miss out on, like these super awesome sparkle denim and skull print pants and many more items.

pants by Agoraphobix
I also still have my etsy sale going on, only a few items left! so go get your self some hot items before its gone:)

New items out now!!!
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brand new collection made for summer out now!!!

A week have passed and a new collection is up now!
its all about fun light and breezy clothing to show off your personality and keep your cool in this blazing July summer heat!

shorts by Agoraphobix
top by Agoraphobix
Starting off the collection is this awesome teal burnout splatter print pleated slouch t shirt, so flattering and super comfy, this little item is just so effortlessly cool!
I paired it with these super sweet pinstripe and skeleton hand print 4 pocket puffer shorts, and excellent option for all you ghouls and zombie loving gals for summer.
Im absolutely in love with these super cool electroclash inspired pink and red stripe tights, these will look perfect for every day wear or for clubbing, I love them with some black high heels and a slouch black top!

top by Agoraphobix
top by Agoraphobix

 This star and skull print bustier top is a sexy little item, the classy black and white will go with anything, from a casual pair of jeans to a hot vinyl mini skirt.

Another sweet as hell top is this purple polka dot and skull print princess top, the cut is supper flattering on all shapes and sizes and the polka dots add a touch of pinup to this tough girl look:)

And offcourse there is a corset for you ladies, this sweet skull splatter & leopard print corset is mixed with some sexy black vinyl and has pink corset ties on the bust for the finishing touch, its one of the sweetest ones I'v made, it rocks with a pair of tight fitting skinnys or a sweet puffy tutu!

corset by Agoraphobix
And last but not least, I just adore this rainbow zebra & leopard print 70's inspired short sleeve dress, I gave it a tie around belt and a rounded hem line for some sleek sexy sophistication!

dress by Agoraphobix
Also dont forget the 40% off items I have on my web site, some awesome finds there you wouldn't want to miss out on, like this super cool tartan and bat print waist clincher and many more items.

I also still have my etsy sale going on, loads of new items there including some corsets and waist clinchers for an awesome price, so go get your self some hot items before its gone:)

New items out now!!!
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spark shine and bedazzle! its all about the glitter and metallics!

dress by Agoraphobix

Im Back!
I haven't written a proper blog in a while, and now Im finally back to preset to you gals all the yummy treats and trinkets you've been waiting for!

This week I was totally in a sparkly mood, I craved items that will reflect light and turn me into a happy little disco girl. Maybe its the summer sun, maybe its my dancing craving mood. whatever it is, metallics and sparkles are a great way to invite some light into your wardrobe, keeping it flashy hot and definitly girly.
here are some items from my collection and some very talented artists that will get your glitter craving satisfied:)

Kicking off, are tops, always a fun way to add some glits!

top by Agoraphobix
top by Agoraphobi

I absolutely love this one shoulder top, made out of great airy jersey. I hand painted the spider webs, added some glitter to make it look like dew drops and I added so,me purple spray fabric paint for a splash of color.
A fun colorful option is this pink metallic snakeskin bustier, with loads of pink zipper details, its a super sexy option for a hot date.

top by Agoraphobix
top by Agoraphobix

If you want and item that can suite both day and night, try out this metallic star and skull print bustier top, or maybe a sweet red metallic star scoop neck top for a lazy afternoon?

corset by Agoraphobix
corset by Agoraphobix

When I think of shine I think of going out, and these corsets will sure do
the job!
Try out this metallic dragon scale boned corset for a glamazone look, or maybe a metallic blue boned corset for an icy vixen look.

clincher by Agoraphobix
clincher by Agoraphobix

If its sparkle your looking for, this sparkle spider web waist clincher is an awesome option,
mixing goth with glamor. Or you can try out this sparkle bat waist clincher to add some sugar to your tough look:)

clincher by Agoraphobix
clincher by Agoraphobix
This metallic silver nurse waist clincher is a guaranteed item to add some naughty spice to your
wardrobe, and If you have that punk vibe going on, just look at this super cool metallic pink pyramid stud waist clincher!

tights by Agoraphobix
tights by Agoraphobix

Tights are always a great way to add some glam without over doing it,
and these zebra and turquoise metallic tights are no exception! if you like the color scheme you can also pick up these awesome Metallic python tights for a walk on the wild side.

And these metallic red & destroy print tights don't only look super hot, they have an attitude to go with it.

tights by Agoraphobix

skull jeans by Agoraphobix
stud jeans by Agoraphobix

I always like glitter and shimmer denim cause it always looks
effortlessly cool and can be warn all day long, like these edgy glitter skull jeans, or even these punk inspired metallic pyramid stud adorned jeans.

skinny jeans by Agoraphobix
skinny jeans by Agoraphobix

And if you want to bring up the heat, these Glitter D ring skinny jeans are just the ticket, slinky and

And since its summer you cant go without hot pants right? these metallic silver and black vinyl hot pants will keep you cool while looking smoking hot!
hot pants by Agoraphobix
If its skirts your looking for, you know I have them!
This glitter bullet print skirt is made out of jersey so its super lightweight and comfy and just made for partying.
skirt by Agoraphobix
denim skirt by Agoraphobix
denim skirt by Agoraphobix

If you want an option without a print, a sparkle denim mini skirt with metallic trims will do the trick.

If your going for a naughty secretary look this Metallic black corset pencil skirt is definitely want your looking for!
pencil skirt by Agoraphobix
These two items are such a great pair I had to show them together, a sexy metallic fleur de lis boned corset paired with a matching fabric rara cheerleader skirt that has all the metal additives you know you crave:)

set by Agoraphobix
dress by Agoraphobix
dress by Agoraphobix

and now for dresses (oh how I loooove dresses!)
This metallic rainbow leopard corset dress will turn you into a disco queen in an instant, or if you want a hardcore look, try out this metallic black corset dress.

And on the sweeter side, this metallic snakeskin and broken heart print dress is fun AND sexy, which is always the ultimate combination:)
dress by Agoraphobix
Its time to accessorize!
a great little way to add some flash to your outfit is this gorgeous golden glitter lightning headband by janinebasil, bring out your inner super hero!
headband by janinebasil

earrings by nakedtile

idea is super cool, and can come it real handy when your out of thumbtacks:).

earring by PrincessEMarie

Another pair to die for are these metallic Noahs Ark earring by PrincessEMarie, a sweet metallic zoo waiting to flash up uor earlobes:)

I just adore these sweet sparkle creepshow plugs by beatrixblackheart, such a great little item with glits!

plugs by beatrixblackheart

pendant by sassyspark

in the necklace department I have such pretty items with a different look, I love this classy metallic butterfly pendant by sassyspark

necklace by 1BadAttitude

 and on the other side this super cool fist kiss knuckle necklace by 1BadAttitude is just too cool
for school.

I just had to feature this edgy glitter heart & razorblade resin necklace by jessicachrist, I love the color and the razorblade inside, its definitly an eyecatcher!

necklace by jessicachrist
 bow cuff by bodyfarm

Lets move on to the hand, starting with cuffs, just take a look at this adorable gold sparkle bow cuff by bodyfarm, its so disco I just cant get enough of it!

purple metallic cuff by rubyroxdesigns

And this awesome purple metallic cuf by rubyroxdesigns is sexy with a rocker edge.

I find this crown glitter ring by AshleySpatula completely hypnotic, I love the combination of the brass with the resin color and the added sparkles!
ring by AshleySpatula

Union Jack bag by Flamestitch

Bags are a great way to feature all your sparkleys and metallics, like this  Union Jack metallic glitter bag by Flamestitch, that has a true brit pop retro vibe

bag by sacchetto

or this amazing hand painted day of the dead voodoo metallic bag by sacchetto which is
seriously a great option to stand out in the crowd!

tote by workingclasspunx

And if you want to keep it on the dark side but add some spark this  glitter spider web tote by workingclasspunxwill definitely live up to your expectations:)

A sparkly bag to crave is definitely this anchor glitter sunglasses case by deluxejunque, working well with all the naval vibe summer brings along:)
sunglasses case by deluxejunque
 key ring by Majestyinc

you can even dress up your keys in glitter, with this gold glitter mustache key ring by Majestyinc

keychain by leatherprince

 Or paint them metallic with this sweet gold metallic ninja key chain by leatherprince.

I find this poison ivy artwork by GlitterSide just mesmerizing, its a perfect gift for yourself, or anyone with a comic book fetish!
poison ivy artwork by GlitterSide
bikini by MsKiaBoutique
bikini by saleyla

Summer is here and its definitively time for bathing suits, how about this
Or go wild with this amazing fire inspired bikini by saleyla!

I cant finish a blog without featuring my personal obssetion, shoes!
these day of the dead heels by dahliaderanged are unbelievable, I loove the shade of bue and the heels are killer!
 heels by dahliaderanged

And if you really want to rough it up, you know you have to try out these dont sass me heels by PinkoMinko.
heels by PinkoMinko
So I hope you like the items I found, and dont forget to flash back that light with your own glits and glamor items:)