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Think Pink!!! the best dressed way to brighten up your day!

Lately I have found out that I'm absolutely infatuated with pink. May it be baby pink, magenta or a shocking fuchsia pink I cant get enough of it I was so ecstatic a few days ago when I got my new pink zebra and leopard print Lycra fabric that I just got super inspired and I went on a sewing frenzy straight away (my new designs from these will be up and for sale in a few weeks!).
This is quite a development for someone like me. When I grew up, I dressed mostly in black. Yup for about 7 years I looked like a widow in mourning. It changed one time in the height of the Gothic scene here in Israel.
I went to a club, and suddenly I realized everyone looks exactly the same! And these were people that took attention to how they look, They would shop for the most interesting cut clothes from Germany trying to look as unique as they can. But seriously, all I could see was one huge black mass. All the beautiful long witch cut vinyl skirts, tutus, corsets and peasant tops were drowned in a see of black. What good does it do to you if you have the best ever cut high neck key hole bust spandex dress if no one can see the exquisite paneling and sewing work?

Not that I have anything against black! believe me I thing its a staple in every closet. but mixing it up with different colors makes it stand out even more to my opinion. My early clothing were usually made out of black and colorful contrasting fabrics that really make the cut and the black pop out, and the bonus was that black side paneling with a different colored front actually made the waist look tinier! Hooray for optical illusions!
pink spandex skirt by Agoraphobix
 vinyl boned dress by Agoraphobix

More cuts mixed with black to make you look slimmer? how about this spandex skirt with garter like paneling that makes you look like you but is half the size it is! the right cut for you mixed with black can actually be like a Wonderbra or those magical suck in tights.

neon bullet hoodie by Agoraphobix

So what am I trying to indicate? that pink is the new black? well not quite, it still hasn't got the classic sleek demure of black, but, its a great cheerful color that will always give you a feminine touch even if you are the most hardcore tomboy. Its a color that can you can play around with to lighten up your day and match your different moods.
Are you feeling vibrant and want to stand out in the crowd? try a hot pink or fuchsia.
Going for a party look? a neon pink will look awesome and will glow under black light.
Corset and Bloomers by Maya Hansen

 Are you more of a romantic? try out the lovely smokey pinks and rose pinks that have that old Victorian times feeling ( take a look at these amazing designs by Maya Hansen, totally inspired by the Victorian era and will look awesome together or apart).
Feeling playful and cute? baby pink is always a good option!

 I love wearing a pink top with a simple skirt, or even just throwing a splash of super hot pink vinyl with a more neutral print for a flash of color.

waist clincher with studs by Agoraphobix
pink shorts by Agoraphobix
A simple solution for wearing pink is by mixing it in. a pink waist clincher over a black simple top for example will look classy and playful at the same time, pink shorts with a white t shirt have a charming 50's touch to them . pink will work with purple, green black white and grey if it is mixed in with the right proportion.

pink zebra cuff by Agoraphobix
If you want to sport the pink look without wearing it try on accessories, like a necklace , bracelets, earrings, belt, shoes or even a bag. Mixing 3 of these (Always in threes! the human eye likes things in triples, something I learned in interior design) will look super cute (in the same shade of pink of course otherwise you will look like a lollipop exploded all over you) and will give you that pink shocker you wanted.
Lightning earrings by Faster Than You

Try out these awesome 50's tattoo rockabilly inspired handmade jewelery by Faster Than You , I love these lightning earrings they are too cute for words! 

Iron Fist Heels
These awesome Ladies Muerte Punk Princess Platform heels by Iron fist have some pink touches in them that totally make your look pop out of the crowd, and also they are super affordable (and comfortable, believe me I dont wear heels every day, and these are super comfy)
Cupcake scarf by Twinkie Chan

 And always suitable for winter times, these scarfs by the most talented Twinkie Chan will look super cute and will satisfy your sweet tooth!
pink eyeshadow by Kryolan

 And if were into pink there is a lot of makeup inspired by the 80's (king of pink) that you can use, a light pink lip gloss for a day to day wear or a full on pink lip for evening, or maybe just some pink eyeshadow to bring light to your eyes.
This super eyeshadow by Kryolan is water based, meaning you can apply it as an eyeshadow, eyeliner or even paint some cool facial designs with it. Im in love with it ever since I bought it, the colors are so vibrant and fun!

pink streaks I did, using stargazer hair color
I may also suggest boldly to add some shocking pink streaks to your hair (more tips on that on my upcoming blog about how to funk up your do) its fun, and its not permanent if you use coloring such as LaRiche directions and stargazer (my favorites are flamingo pink by La Riche and shocking pink by Stargazer) just remember to lighten your hair before so the color stays vibrant and comes out the way you want it, and not just a pink shade over your natural hair.

Just remember, no matter which pink path you want, use only one, because with pink clothing makeup and accesories you can look like a carebear (super cute I know, but not really a desired look).

So till next time,
think pink!!



Oh my god new collection out! im loving it so much!!!

Im loving this new collection!!!! I worked my ass off on it, and now its out for you to buy! be sure not to miss some of my favorites this week such as the bleached skinny jeans, the uber cute skull splatter bubble skirt and the lovely pink leopard and swallow print halter dress!!!

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Debbie Does Tights, Inspirations!

Debbie Harry

I was lucky enough to catch a show about blondie a while ago. It was quite a rare show, it was about performances they did in the past, not how the band was created ( these programs I have seen like a million times over and over again). It was a show for hardcore Blondie fans, (I dont believe any other person would sit through 2 hours of live gigs in the poorest quality shot in the 70's) but as a huge blondie fan I sat down and watched the whole thing.
One segment caught my eye. It was a performance in Glasgow for Christmas of 1979 and Debbie was wearing a beautiful 60's inspired canary yellow and orange stripe necktie straight cut dress, with bright yellow and orange stripe tights.

Debbie Harry

Debbie always got it right. If she would wear a super short dress it would have long sleeves and she would pair it with boots to keep it from looking slutty. a boyish shirt dress would be paired with a magnificent pair of peep to sandles to cutify the dress. She was always a style icon of myn, I have never seen her go astray.

Debbie Harry
Debbie Harry

set by Agoraphobix
set by Agoraphobix
This completely inspired me, and I dedicated a whole photoshoot to that look.

I paired a sweet yellow brown long sleeved stripey sweater dress with purple tights. a glitter black bubble skirt with a graffitti print top and teal tights, and a streetwise newspaper print punk racer top with metallic tights ( for the full photo shoot go to : http://www.agoraphobix.com/gallery/g7/)

set by Agoraphobix
set by Agoraphobix
set by Agoraphobix up this week on etsy!!!

This is to my opinion the best look for fall! when the sky is getting dreary and gray, the weather is getting cold and your still in your summer mood go for tights!
They will jass up any of your favorite summer dresses, brighten up you mini skirts and even your shorts! it will make your day more colorfull and will break you away from the drab predictable jeans option.
If you are obsessed with jeans and you cant go without, try super skinny second skin type jeans under a summer dress or tunic for a really cool look ( never under a skirt it just looks wierd)

set by Agoraphobix coming up soon on etsy!!!
pair it up with peep toe heels and a long necklace and youv got it going on.
I sometimes go to the extreme, and put on boots with leg warmwers with it, its a lovely childlike look.
Dont be afraid to be bold and pair strong colors with each other, dressing up is always about making a statement and standing out! rich combinations such as yellow and purple fucia and teal or grey and red may sound extreme but will work in the right proportions.
a teal top with a dark denim mini skirt and fucia tights for example, paired with simple accesories so the look dosent become to overpowering.
But be aware to pair your items with thought. A mini could look really cool with tights, but a wool skirt can come out looking dowdy. a large boyfriend sweater dress can look amazingly chick with tights but a tight little sweater can be a bit to much, making the look a bit street walker cheap.

Now for the most imporatnt question, where do you get them?
H&M as usual have a huge veriety of colored and laced tights that are both playfull and chick and very day to day,

styling by rara avis tights by h&m
tight by Lip Service
If you want to go for a slightly spookier look ( as Halloween is coming up) you have the bat/ spider web/ skull tights you can find in what I call alternative department stores (Xtra - X, Hot topic and such) which are usually reasonably priced and can add a lot to your total look) and you have a few cool tights from Lip service, with the classic skull and dagger print, and other prints that may suite the punk side in you.

set by Agoraphobix
set by Agoraphobix

My collection of tights varies from the metalic glam metal inspired tights with various spandex print materials such as zebra and multicolored snakeskin. Or on the more street wear - punk side you have multicolored jersey tights with various prints such as leopard, splatters or even nautical stars.

 The skies the limit, So go and find the tights that best represent you and rock out this fall!!!!

set by Agoraphobix


A little bit about me

I love fashion
I live breath work and think about it most of the time, really I cant even control it!
Although I have to say, it wasn't always that way... I wish I could say I was one of those little girls that loved dressing up their dollies and barbies but I wasn't.
I was a true at heart tom boy. I liked playing outside, collecting grasshoppers and playing with my stuffed animal dolls. I was never a little lady, I always came home with scraped knees and splinters in my hands.
not that I didn't have people to take example from!
Jon Bon Jovie
My mom always had a keen sense of style, dressing up and matching her makeup to her cloths accessories and the most importantly her earrings ( parrot earrings mostly, it was the 80's after all, and seriously she had like 30 pairs of them in any imaginable color!) and she had that marvelous glam rocker 80's hair do which I so wish would come back to style.
stevie nicks
And then there was my sister on the other side, who always liked picking her dresses ( and we had a a few! cute ones grandma sent us from Australia, usually from tartan and some looked like bad bridesmaid dresses which off course are every little girls dream) and playing with moms makeup.
One of the favorite stories that go around in family dinners are of how my mom dressed my sis' in a white dress for a birthday party. Sadly nobody told us that the birthday party was actually a bon fire and that the main food will be potatoes straight out of the fire!
At the end of the party my mom came to pick her up and all the moms told her how impressed they are. They said they never saw a little girl keep herself so clean, and they were right, Her dress was as clean as she left home with!
So as you can see I was a bit slow in the fashion department for all concerned. I would wear anything given to me, large purple jumpers with flower print tights ( yup a true story one of my oldest friends always likes to tell people) my hair was long big and knotted which was impressive but never added to the look.
When I was 13 I shaved my hair off. I had enough. I grew it my whole life and I couldt take the weight and the heat of it. To bad I couldnt forsee how I will look. It wasnt a good look for me to say the least, I was thin tall and I kind of looked like a boy without my hair.
I think thats when I learned big jumpers and tights wont work any more and wont stop people calling me "hey boy!" every time.
Thats when I discovered thrift shops and second hand shops.
I didnt have loads of money cause I had a certain allowance to keep up with so I discovered these cloths were cheap affordable and could be mended to fit.
Also I discovered a new world of quality. rich vibrant and full fabrics such as wool, knits and leather, with good tailoring and interesting cuts I have never seen before. Butterfly sleeved dresses, high waisted denim bell bottoms,  2 buttoned coats in dark bottle green Velvet, vintage adidas jackets that hadnt faded and the stripes and symbol were still attached.
I was extatic, to say the least.

Not only these were things that I havent known about ( in the simple cut 90's with straight lines and minimal additions to cloths it was like discovering the silk road to persia) I also found cloths I actually loved and made me stand out from the crowd which I desperatly wanted to. The cuts were feminin flattering and eye catching.
And that where I also learned about sewing.
While I was trying to learn how to fit the cloths to my size I started dismantelling them and learning how they are built. After a while I would copy the cuts and attempt to create the item from a different fabric.
As time went by and my fashion sence changed to the darker side, more black clothing, band t shirts from the heavy metal and black metal scenese of all the bands I loved. The problem was they were all cut for boys!!! The super rare t shirts I bought from covenant aka Kovenant ( nexus polaris, that album still gives me the chills), satyricon, korn, abigor and skid row,Cinderella, Twisted Sister (yup I know the mix sounds wierd but thats what I like!) drove me back to where I started, looking like a teenaged boy. Although I now had longer hair, (bottom half shaved off offcourse) I still wanted to have a feminin edge to my girl in a boys world image.

Shredded Chains Of Past Decisions top by Agoraphobix
I started slashing the tops, giving them skeletton slashes in the back, or a halter cut, or even just cutting it so I can tie it in the back , dismantling the tops into sexy little pieces I could wear with pride, look like a worrior woman but still distinct myself from the boys.

After that I got a bit more connected to old skull punk and death rock, Suzy and the banshees, the cure, Ausgang, the sex pistols, dead kennedys and toy dolls came into my life.
That was about the time I realised no matter how hard I try I will never find a store bought outfit that will represent all the things I love and will still leave room for my personality without leaving me looking like a hot topic fashion misshap. Sure with a few items from some great stores I could get some of it ( lip service, betsey Johnson, hell bunny iron fist and such) but I wanted cloths that represent a bit from every thing, not just a certain ganre.

the Sex Pistols
the Toy Dolls

The Dead Kennedys
the cure
Siouxsie And The Banshess

The Sex Pistols

Guns & Roses and Tartan pants by Agoraphobix
 Thats when I started sewing cloths for myself properly. Cutting, attaching, printing distressing and bleaching. I combined all my favorite technics from different style fashions into one. Why should my corset be either evil or cute? why cant it be pink and black with skulls? mix a bit of both! tartan skirt? sure why not? maybe add a lace trim on it, or a sweet satin bow? show both sides! I bleached jeans and printed bats on them. I tried it all.
and it worked! people loved it and kept asking me where my cloths are from.

polka dot and bat dress by Agoraphobix
So I decided to try and sell them on ebay. It was a wonderful time to start selling DIY, as some great sellers you may know started at that time, great designers such as toxic vision, Shrinkle, Supayana, turtle maggie and even Anti label came out. Since I had no job back then I had nothing to loose! people slowly started taking interest in me and my cloths and a few years later I am where I am now, with my own web site, a store in etsy and still that same old store on ebay. I make a fewer items than I used to so I can keep the quality at its finest.

People always ask me how I started my buisness so I decided to write this blog. I hope it will answer some questions, update you on a few things that go on in my life, give you some fashion tips and most off all connect me to the people I charish the most, my costumers that helped me grow into what I am. So hope you check back with me!
pink vinyl and bat pants by Agoraphobix
heart & crossbones vinyl corset by Agoraphobix

tartan and kill skull top by Agoraphobix
spray Kill top by Agoraphobix


I also have a facebook, and myspace for more info, so check me out there too!
tartan and skeleton hand print dress by Agoraphobix