About My Blog

Im Romi, I live in sunny Israel and I love fashion!
Iv been working as a fashion designer in my own company Agoraphobix for a long time, most of my History you can find on my first post and on my web site Agoraphobix.com.
I started this blog because I found out that many DIY designers that do awesome work are somehow pushed to the side.
I dedicate writing this blog so I can promote items that I love (be they from a large company or hard working individuals). Naturally I do include some of my items here ( hell its my blog and I can do what I want to!:)) but otherwise I am not paid to publish any of the products I put here. These are purely things I like and I think you can enjoy too. 
So hope you like it, and write back to let me know what you think!


Agoraphobix twitter wet look leggings competition!

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