Think Pink!!! the best dressed way to brighten up your day!

Lately I have found out that I'm absolutely infatuated with pink. May it be baby pink, magenta or a shocking fuchsia pink I cant get enough of it I was so ecstatic a few days ago when I got my new pink zebra and leopard print Lycra fabric that I just got super inspired and I went on a sewing frenzy straight away (my new designs from these will be up and for sale in a few weeks!).
This is quite a development for someone like me. When I grew up, I dressed mostly in black. Yup for about 7 years I looked like a widow in mourning. It changed one time in the height of the Gothic scene here in Israel.
I went to a club, and suddenly I realized everyone looks exactly the same! And these were people that took attention to how they look, They would shop for the most interesting cut clothes from Germany trying to look as unique as they can. But seriously, all I could see was one huge black mass. All the beautiful long witch cut vinyl skirts, tutus, corsets and peasant tops were drowned in a see of black. What good does it do to you if you have the best ever cut high neck key hole bust spandex dress if no one can see the exquisite paneling and sewing work?

Not that I have anything against black! believe me I thing its a staple in every closet. but mixing it up with different colors makes it stand out even more to my opinion. My early clothing were usually made out of black and colorful contrasting fabrics that really make the cut and the black pop out, and the bonus was that black side paneling with a different colored front actually made the waist look tinier! Hooray for optical illusions!
pink spandex skirt by Agoraphobix
 vinyl boned dress by Agoraphobix

More cuts mixed with black to make you look slimmer? how about this spandex skirt with garter like paneling that makes you look like you but is half the size it is! the right cut for you mixed with black can actually be like a Wonderbra or those magical suck in tights.

neon bullet hoodie by Agoraphobix

So what am I trying to indicate? that pink is the new black? well not quite, it still hasn't got the classic sleek demure of black, but, its a great cheerful color that will always give you a feminine touch even if you are the most hardcore tomboy. Its a color that can you can play around with to lighten up your day and match your different moods.
Are you feeling vibrant and want to stand out in the crowd? try a hot pink or fuchsia.
Going for a party look? a neon pink will look awesome and will glow under black light.
Corset and Bloomers by Maya Hansen

 Are you more of a romantic? try out the lovely smokey pinks and rose pinks that have that old Victorian times feeling ( take a look at these amazing designs by Maya Hansen, totally inspired by the Victorian era and will look awesome together or apart).
Feeling playful and cute? baby pink is always a good option!

 I love wearing a pink top with a simple skirt, or even just throwing a splash of super hot pink vinyl with a more neutral print for a flash of color.

waist clincher with studs by Agoraphobix
pink shorts by Agoraphobix
A simple solution for wearing pink is by mixing it in. a pink waist clincher over a black simple top for example will look classy and playful at the same time, pink shorts with a white t shirt have a charming 50's touch to them . pink will work with purple, green black white and grey if it is mixed in with the right proportion.

pink zebra cuff by Agoraphobix
If you want to sport the pink look without wearing it try on accessories, like a necklace , bracelets, earrings, belt, shoes or even a bag. Mixing 3 of these (Always in threes! the human eye likes things in triples, something I learned in interior design) will look super cute (in the same shade of pink of course otherwise you will look like a lollipop exploded all over you) and will give you that pink shocker you wanted.
Lightning earrings by Faster Than You

Try out these awesome 50's tattoo rockabilly inspired handmade jewelery by Faster Than You , I love these lightning earrings they are too cute for words! 

Iron Fist Heels
These awesome Ladies Muerte Punk Princess Platform heels by Iron fist have some pink touches in them that totally make your look pop out of the crowd, and also they are super affordable (and comfortable, believe me I dont wear heels every day, and these are super comfy)
Cupcake scarf by Twinkie Chan

 And always suitable for winter times, these scarfs by the most talented Twinkie Chan will look super cute and will satisfy your sweet tooth!
pink eyeshadow by Kryolan

 And if were into pink there is a lot of makeup inspired by the 80's (king of pink) that you can use, a light pink lip gloss for a day to day wear or a full on pink lip for evening, or maybe just some pink eyeshadow to bring light to your eyes.
This super eyeshadow by Kryolan is water based, meaning you can apply it as an eyeshadow, eyeliner or even paint some cool facial designs with it. Im in love with it ever since I bought it, the colors are so vibrant and fun!

pink streaks I did, using stargazer hair color
I may also suggest boldly to add some shocking pink streaks to your hair (more tips on that on my upcoming blog about how to funk up your do) its fun, and its not permanent if you use coloring such as LaRiche directions and stargazer (my favorites are flamingo pink by La Riche and shocking pink by Stargazer) just remember to lighten your hair before so the color stays vibrant and comes out the way you want it, and not just a pink shade over your natural hair.

Just remember, no matter which pink path you want, use only one, because with pink clothing makeup and accesories you can look like a carebear (super cute I know, but not really a desired look).

So till next time,
think pink!!


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