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Debbie Harry

I was lucky enough to catch a show about blondie a while ago. It was quite a rare show, it was about performances they did in the past, not how the band was created ( these programs I have seen like a million times over and over again). It was a show for hardcore Blondie fans, (I dont believe any other person would sit through 2 hours of live gigs in the poorest quality shot in the 70's) but as a huge blondie fan I sat down and watched the whole thing.
One segment caught my eye. It was a performance in Glasgow for Christmas of 1979 and Debbie was wearing a beautiful 60's inspired canary yellow and orange stripe necktie straight cut dress, with bright yellow and orange stripe tights.

Debbie Harry

Debbie always got it right. If she would wear a super short dress it would have long sleeves and she would pair it with boots to keep it from looking slutty. a boyish shirt dress would be paired with a magnificent pair of peep to sandles to cutify the dress. She was always a style icon of myn, I have never seen her go astray.

Debbie Harry
Debbie Harry

set by Agoraphobix
set by Agoraphobix
This completely inspired me, and I dedicated a whole photoshoot to that look.

I paired a sweet yellow brown long sleeved stripey sweater dress with purple tights. a glitter black bubble skirt with a graffitti print top and teal tights, and a streetwise newspaper print punk racer top with metallic tights ( for the full photo shoot go to : http://www.agoraphobix.com/gallery/g7/)

set by Agoraphobix
set by Agoraphobix
set by Agoraphobix up this week on etsy!!!

This is to my opinion the best look for fall! when the sky is getting dreary and gray, the weather is getting cold and your still in your summer mood go for tights!
They will jass up any of your favorite summer dresses, brighten up you mini skirts and even your shorts! it will make your day more colorfull and will break you away from the drab predictable jeans option.
If you are obsessed with jeans and you cant go without, try super skinny second skin type jeans under a summer dress or tunic for a really cool look ( never under a skirt it just looks wierd)

set by Agoraphobix coming up soon on etsy!!!
pair it up with peep toe heels and a long necklace and youv got it going on.
I sometimes go to the extreme, and put on boots with leg warmwers with it, its a lovely childlike look.
Dont be afraid to be bold and pair strong colors with each other, dressing up is always about making a statement and standing out! rich combinations such as yellow and purple fucia and teal or grey and red may sound extreme but will work in the right proportions.
a teal top with a dark denim mini skirt and fucia tights for example, paired with simple accesories so the look dosent become to overpowering.
But be aware to pair your items with thought. A mini could look really cool with tights, but a wool skirt can come out looking dowdy. a large boyfriend sweater dress can look amazingly chick with tights but a tight little sweater can be a bit to much, making the look a bit street walker cheap.

Now for the most imporatnt question, where do you get them?
H&M as usual have a huge veriety of colored and laced tights that are both playfull and chick and very day to day,

styling by rara avis tights by h&m
tight by Lip Service
If you want to go for a slightly spookier look ( as Halloween is coming up) you have the bat/ spider web/ skull tights you can find in what I call alternative department stores (Xtra - X, Hot topic and such) which are usually reasonably priced and can add a lot to your total look) and you have a few cool tights from Lip service, with the classic skull and dagger print, and other prints that may suite the punk side in you.

set by Agoraphobix
set by Agoraphobix

My collection of tights varies from the metalic glam metal inspired tights with various spandex print materials such as zebra and multicolored snakeskin. Or on the more street wear - punk side you have multicolored jersey tights with various prints such as leopard, splatters or even nautical stars.

 The skies the limit, So go and find the tights that best represent you and rock out this fall!!!!

set by Agoraphobix

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