New summer collection from Agoraphobix - dont replicate, create!

Sometimes it seems too many people wearing the same old thing. feeling the same? 
its like everyone is wearing the same outfits!
Is the solution not shopping in big chains? nope
is the solution wearing your grandma's cloths? nope (well sometimes:))
the trick is to mix & match! how do you do that you ask? its as easy as snapping a phone pic!
track down your basics in the big department stores - a basic white slouchy tank top from Zara was used in this combo (basics are super cheap at department stores and dont have any defining prints so you'll never look like one of the pack:)) , mix them up with a really cool statement piece from a unique designer, (Agoraphobix maybe;)) - I chose Agoraphobix monochrome rose print high waist shorts, and add some vintage accessories like a cool pair of 70's aviator sunnies, a bunch of 90's black rubber & glitter bangles, and pair with some awesome shoes - like these black spikey heels from Scoop. 

All together you have created a look that is totally you - expresses your individual taste and includes items nobody else can replicate!

easy breesy summer mix up set
top by Zara
Pants by Agoraphobix
Shoes by Scoop

top by Agoraphobix
set by Agoraphobix

So this summer collection is all about being unique and true to yourself. sweet items that are fun, playfull and make a statement that shows the real you.

First item on the is this sweet little fishnet & scrape print top. front & back top panels are pure fishnet for a sexy pikaboo touch. the lower part of the top is pleated so it skims over the tummy, a super awesome way to hide away any tummy excess you dont like, while looking super cool.

Top  by Agoraphobix
Shorts  by Agoraphobix
Another really cute n comfy top from this collection is this amazing neon yellow polka dot print oversized V neck T shirt.
this one is a modern take on a 90's feel. the neon polka dots are a super fun print, while the sheerness of the top makes it fun summery & lightweight. this one looks amazing tucked into pants or over your fave leggings!

Im so much in love with the shorts I featured in the beggining of the blog! the cut is super stylish - high waist pleated & tailored, flattering on ALL LEGS (yup even you gals with abit more junk in the trunk and bigger thighs). the print is abstract but really classy - black and white roses.... swooon!

Another classy little option is this gangster pinstripe print high waist skirt with pockets (can you get anything better in this world than pockets in a skirt?!)
The high waist makes you waist TINY (seriously it minimizes it!) and the pinstripes are all about old school Al Capone cool.
Its a super fun take on animal print dresses, the pink is load, but the gray main body balances out into a cute n' sophisticated fashion statement. another cute little touch is the pink zebra tie waist belt adding a fun eye candy:)
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