Attention! camouflage duds to suite your style!!!

pants and top by Agoraphobix

One of my favorite movie lines of all time is from good morning Vietnam. Robin Williams (an underestimated genius in my opinion) does a skit on the radio impersonating the Camp Fashion Consultant: "Because you go in the jungle, I can't see you. You know, it's like wearing stripes and plaid. For me, I want to do something different. You know, you go in the jungle, make a statement. If you're going to fight, clash. You know what I mean?"
Thats why Camouflage as urban wear is just the ticket. I say to hell with grays and blacks. when your in the city, clash!
I got loads of camouflage and army inspired in my collection. I love the blend of the ultra masculine print with the feminine cuts. most of these items can be found in my "street beat" section, which is dedicated to street wear inspired items. here is a selection of my favorite items from this collection:

camouflage top by Agoraphobix
camouflage Cuff by Agoraphobix

 If you want some a statement top, this is it, try out this camouflage and star print bustier top. I added a super cool grommet tape and metal buckle shoulder strap to complete the look.
Play fun matchy matchy by adding this awesome pink camouflage cuff to the mix!

Still abit chilly? this camouflage long sleeve hoodie top has bullets printed on the front, and its just a great item to carry you through these volatile spring days.
camouflage top by Agoraphobix

camouflage corset by Agoraphobix
camo corset by Agoraphobix
Want to go all the way with the look? try a corset!
I created this blue camouflage corset with loads of hardware on it such as vinyl stud tape and D rings to achieve a hardcore look the will look great with pants or a skirt. be a sexy soldier!
This pink camouflage and leatherette boned corset is sweeter, has a great red pink color scheme and has a neon pink destroy printed on the front to show the world you mean business!

If you want skirts, Iv got them! check out this awesome mosh pit addict print camouflage mini skirt, camouflage for the urban feel, and a print that has punk spirit written all over it, what more could you want?

camouflage Skirt by Agoraphobix
camouflage Skirt by Agoraphobix

Why dont you add a touch of rockstar attitude to this urban army feel? try out this amazing wet look spandex, glitter fishnet & camouflage mini skirt, its super feminine and a tad riskey for those night out in clubs you just want to look smoking hot.

camo pants by Agoraphobix
camo shorts by Agoraphobix
I have to admit I still love camo pants, but hey, I was a teenager in the 90's so it must explain it!
these blue camo and bullet print pants are just perfect, they have a killer fit an loads of attitude. 
And they have their baby sisters, same camo same bullets, only in shorts, so you can wear your fave  print from  summer to winter.

And if you want something even more sinister, try these camo and skeleton hand print pants, the have skeleton hands printed on the front pockets and on the back, grabbing your tush:)
camo pants by Agoraphobix

And off course who can forget the camouflage dress? this one has a slinky racer cut with a red bleeding heart print on the front. Just the perfect little number to take you from day to night!

dress by Agoraphobix
And lets move on to our accessories, hand picked from the most talented etsy artists!

Dog Tags by myimpressions

try out these Camo Dog Tagsby myimpressions, they embody the army look with the classic military dog tag And the camouflage print. 

Dog Tag Necklace by tinyshinys

its super cute and playful, I love the little star attached and the color is just fab!

I also love this Camouflage locket set by Polarity it lets you choose which color scheme you like to wear and you can keep your precious valuables inside.

LOCKET SET by Polarity
And I bet you haven't seen anything like this before! this working Etch A Sketch Necklace in Blue Camo by HModine just fills me with childhood memories ( I just loved my etch a sketch although I couldn't draw to save my life) this one not only looks cool, it works to! write down your thoughts or reminders and go on with your day:)

 Necklace by HModine
This Cute Camo scarf by  Jersey Lovey  is just awesome, it works both as a lightweight scarf and a necklace, its got a great boho touch to it and will look just awesome with a black boy beater.
camouflage scarf by Jersey Lovey

Peyote camouflage cuff by time2cre8

Bangles are a great way to add this print in a tiny portion to your outfit, try this Peyote Bracelet Military Style  Camo Cuff by time2cre8, the bead work is just amazing!

camouflage Bangle by frayed997

I love this  Skull and Crossbones Rocker Camo Bangle by frayed997, its super cute, full of teen angst and the skull has little hearts for eyes. how cute is that?

camouflage Cuff by TheLooseKnot

If you want one that is more delicate and less in your face, you have to try out this gorgeous Camo and Studs Cuff by TheLooseKnot, Its just dying to be worn with a safari style shirt dress.

Ring by IHeartRocknRoll
In the ring department, I was floored by this pretty Vintage Style Cabochon Camo Ring by IHeartRocknRoll, I love the delicate fleur de lis pattern it has on the body, its just amazing!

Ring by pinkowljewelry
You can also have a go with this Large natural turquoise Ring by pinkowljewelry, its super classy and will fit anything you want to wear.

 And if you need a place to put your rings in, this Pink Camo and Skull Ring Pillow by madeintheoc is super cute and is guarantied to keep your jewlary safe from harm:)
Ring Pillow by madeintheoc

camouflage Bag by SuddenlyPink

I also found some really cute bags, like this Personalized Army Quilted Duffle Camo Bag by SuddenlyPink, its a good size and will fit anything you need inside, with your name quilted on it!

Basket by AllDeckedOutBoutique
Another super cute option for all your carrying needs is this Personalized Dino Boy Easter Basket by AllDeckedOutBoutique, I know its supposed to be for kids, but hey, think of the options! I would love to have something like that in my room to store all my magazines in!

camouflage Purse by nenafaye

If you like sweet purses, this is it! this Silver Elephant Crocheted Pink Camo Purse by nenafaye is just adorable, I love the handy work and the details in it.

camouflage wallet by crazygrlinak

Or if you want a punk rock purse try this Revamped Camo wallet with metal studs and pink lip applique by crazygrlinak. Its super cool and a reasonable size so it wont take up all the room in your bag!

If you play guitar and you want a really cool strap for it, this Purple Camo Guitar / Guitar Hero / Rockband Strap  by obleek is just the ticket, I love the purple, and it will make you stand out in a world full of black boring guitar straps.
camouflage Guitar Strap by obleek

If your a new mommy this camouflage baby carrier with Pleated Shoulder by SnuggyBaby is a great option, be a cool mom and avoid all the pink and blue products you see everywhere for babys!

camo baby carrier by SnuggyBaby
If your a mommy for a pet, keep it warm with this super cute pink camo skulls print small animal cozy pocket pet sleeping bag  by ellencho. Just think of your puppy snuggling in there in a cold winter night!
pet sleeping bag  by ellencho

And if you don't have a pet, I would try this super cute Camo Bunny by Elizabeth Ruffing, it doesn't need any food or water, just loads of love and care!

Camo Bunny by Elizabeth Ruffing
camo IPhone Cover by freshonmondays

Need to keep your phone warm? or safe from those nasty falls? this Google Android Phone Cover with Accessory Pocket by freshonmondays will do the trick, and how cute is that robot huh?

I love these Camouflage Knitted Headphones by HelloKnittyDesign, they are just adorable. really, its like having earmuffs and heaphones wraped into one, and they have a super cool street attitude!

Headphones by HelloKnittyDesign

And for the finally, express all your artistic needs with these Airplane Crayons by Lil Doodlers, cause tiny planes are cute and tough!
Crayons by Lil Doodlers



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