Black and white - monochromatic gear for noughty girls!!!

what can be said for black and white?
yup, its sort of a cliche', you know all the yin and yan, good and evil but, this week I had a huge attraction to it, so big that I actually found out that 90% of the collection I was making was in black and white!
Its a classic and bold combination, and although many of you may think "what can be new and exciting in black and white?"
I say a lot!
black and white is good by its own. black and white works with a splash of color, whatever you do with it, this strong combination will get you noticed any where and anytime, so I say if you got it, flaunt  it!
I went out and found the best items for you to make that look work.
Lets start with this weeks collection, shall we?

stripe bat top by Agoraphobix

 I made this awesome black and white stripe and bat long sleeve top, with a sexy off shoulder cut that can be worn all day long and through the night too!
you can pair it up with this super cute wet look spandex clinched high waist skirt, it is so sexy and classy and its got some uber comfy zebra print pockets and metal chains on the front for that rugged biker look:)

zebra pants by Agoraphobix
polka dot skull top by Agoraphobix
another awesome day to day item are these gorgeous zebra and destroy print 4 pocket pants. Super tight and fitted these will work well with any classic black or white singlet or slouch top, but will give you the edge you need.
another super cute day to day item you shouldn't miss out on in this super cute polka dot and baby skull print triangle tie back top. its fun, its got a great fit and its now on my special holiday reduce price  ebay auction sale, so you can get it for a bargain price too!

 bustier dress by Agoraphobix
ruffle waist clincher by Agoraphobix
for the slightly more upscale items i have this awesome bustier dress. I worked for hours on this one!!! I gave it a slightly puffy hip inspired by Victorian dresses, and I lined the whole dress with zipper parts, so it looks totally hardcore and so unique! this is a definite one of a kind statement item you should check out.
And last but not least, I made a classical black and white brocard waist clincher, with a classic black on black flower print satin brocard and black leatherette. I added white corset ties on the front for contrast and ruffled lace lining on the top and bottom of the clincher for accentuating the waist line.

headband by blackswanaccessories
zebra bat bow by PunkUpBettie
So how about accessories? as usual i went on my accessory hunt and I found the best items from these talented DIY'ers.
ill start from head to toe.
for your hair, try these gorgeous head pieces, such as this pretty beaded flower flapper girl headband by  blackswanaccessories.
for a smaller but still a beautiful head ornament try this zebra bat and spider web hair bow by punkup betty.
You feel like you dont have the hair to match your outfit? no worries! you dont have to go platinum blond or raven black to make this contrast look complete!

MissDemented black white wigs
wig by CrudeThings

I found these cool wigs that can transform your look in a second, for an edgy look try these black or white EMO bangs cut wig by missdemented,
or for a classier edgy look, this cute jet black flapper girl wig by crude things.

earring by runningwithscissorss
earrings by luckypunkco
For your ears, I found these super sweet black and white stripe star earrings by runningwithscissors, and for a more rebellious look, these punk classic "god save the queen" earrings by luckypunkco should do the trick.

skull candy headphones

and if you want to hear music in style, you know you cant strike out with these awesome black and white skull candy earphones, they dont only look good, they deliver a great sound to!

necklace by octopusparlor
guitar pendant by TinyShinys
When I was searching necklaces I couldn't resist this adorable skull and bow necklace by octopusparlour, which is actually on sale now, so you can get a super cute item for a great price. I also found this checkered guitar pendant by tinyshinys which is really unique and will look rocking on any girl with a flare to music.

bag by StellarCheri
wristlete by StellarCheri
As for your handwear, I found thse two items that I had to put in my blog, first is this to die for piano key wristlet and this awesome pleated skull bag both by the talented stellacherri.

And dont forget to check out this "evil Trio" bag by the super talented
unikly different. I went through her site and her bags just kick ass!!
bag by uniquely different
Footless Tights by reflecting_rain

This next item has a special significance to me as I was looking for a pair of tights like these for years, and now I finally found them! I could always find horizontal stripe tights, but never vertical stripe ones, but after a looooong search, here you are!! vertiacl stripe tights by  reflecting_rain.

And as you may know I always save the "odd one out" for the end, but even though this cutey isn't just black and white, I just had to feature this vampire panda pencil case by kukubee, I
 mean, black white and green can work too right?

Have a happy monochromatic week everyone!!!!

pencil case by kukubee

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