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Corset by Agoraphobix

Last month I went haywire thinking of what kind of sale I should do for valentines day.
After considering many super kitschi options and discarding away about the same amount ( how many heart themed sales can you have? its sooo corny!) I decided the best option is to let all of us girls enjoy this day, those with a man and those without, those who want to steam things up with their significant other and those who just want to look hot, This is The Great Corset Sale!
I wanted to share some corset love with you on this blog, to show you some of my favorite items on the sale and to add some accessorize from some amazingly talented people.... and believe me, it just all boils down to one conclusion, so many corsets, too little time!
oh and by the way all these corsets are handmade (naturally) and there is only one piece of each, so dont miss out!

Lets get started with the full corsets shall we?
Always a favorite cut of mine, it clinches the waist and lifts up the bust to that perfect feminine physique we always wanted. These are awesome because you get two options with them: to wear them as they are, cleavage glory and all, or to lace them over a dress, tank top or  my favorite option -  a white buttoned up blouse.

corset by Agoraphobix

Im starting off with a corset that is a tribute to the steamy 20's film nuar scene, this black and white satin stripe and vinyl corset is to die for, I added 2 corset ties on the bust cups to accentuate the busty line. This one is a classic!

corset by Agoraphobix
Corset by Agoraphobix
If you want to walk on the wild side, this ska checkered swallow print corset will do the trick, i added a zipper on the front for easy on and off the punk attitude on this little baby is bound to take you to places you never been before. A sweeter wild choice has to be this pink snakeskin front corset tie corset, the pink ribbons on the front are super sweet, and it also has a zipper on the front for easy on and off.

corset by Agoraphobix
corset by Agoraphobix
added neon green stitches all over it to complete the look and it looks as intoxicating as the green on it:)

And if were into strong happy colors, this pink zebra and bat print leatherette corset is the perfect tool for you girls to be the center of attention. its so vibrant and special its a sure attention grabber!

corset by Agoraphobix
corset by Agoraphobix
One item with loads of attitude is this biker inspired purple black vinyl corset, with quilting on the front, its been
spawned from the rebel gutters of my mind straight to your anarchy loving plates:)

Ill finish this bit with a somewhat of a classic, this sakura weave silk and leatherette front corset tie and frog button corset is one of the most elegant items i have ever made. it will look amazing with any oriental inspired getup or even with a pair of black pants and high heels. 

from here we travel all the way down to the under bust corsets. Super awesome fun and adaptable, these can go over any top or dress to spice up your outfit, or you can even just wear wear it with a bra if your feeling daring!

corset by Agoraphobix
corset by Agoraphobix
A cool twist on a classic is this streetwise urban wear inspired zebra & splatter print underbust corset, perfect for a little personal style flare!

or You can try this super color combination with a bit more killer attitude, with this awesome red and black skull patch under bust corset.

corset by Agoraphobix
corset by agoraphobix
moving from a classic color to a classic hand this red and green bat print under bust corset will look awesome on a night out or as a novelty Christmas corset, you cannot lose!

This red gray and black fleur de lis and leatherette under bust corset is such a pretty classic choice it actually can go for special events without looking fetish at all! 

you know leopard print is my favorite, so obviously I couldn't resist making a corset out of this blue leopard print fabric! I added a skull patch on the front and now its simply adorable.

corset by Agoraphobix

corset by Agoraphobix
lace corset by Agoraphobix
Ill wrap up the under bust corsets with these fabulous options, this black and white tartan and white 
leatherette under bust corset has the tartan for punk style and grommet tape straps on the front for attitude.

or maybe your just into a lace corset? this purple darling will make sure to rock your world with that particular gothic style!

I went accessory hunting for this corset festival were having and I pleasantly surprised!

spats by KimKatBags

if your looking for that item to turn you into the ultimate high fashion girl with an edge, look no
further, these brown foe fur boots spats by KimKatBags are it! you will look deliciously stylish while keeping your calves nice and warm:)

black corset bag by estylissimo

3 handbags caught my eye, each one caters to a different taste, this black corset and lace bag by estylissimo is just superb, its crying out for a Gothic Lolita to own it!

bustier corset bag by vintagesparkles

A more Victorian inspired choice would be this bottle green bustier corset bag by vintagesparkles so filled with details and pretty nicknaks its almost irresistible, and would be perfect for a night out.

arrow corset bag by abreakastudios

The street style choice has to be this super awesome neon arrow and corset bag by abreakastudios, its so effortlessly cool and is big enough for all your most treasured items ( and I want it for myself so grab it before I do!).


corset cell phone bag by coollikethat

 And if your really looking for the Babushka affect, try this mini leopard corset cell phone case by coollikethat, little corset bag inside a bigger corset bag has to be the best thing ever!!
corset laced cuff by Despotnia

for your wrist I found this beautiful lavender corset laced cuff by Despotnia that I just love, its so delicate and feminine but still has that killer appeal with the naughty corset laced on the front.

corset bustier pendant by wickedgems
heart corset necklace by wickedgems

For your neck I have a few options, ranging from these two awesome items made by the talented wickedgems, this heart and corset necklace is so uber pretty, and the Athena corset bustier pendant is amazingly detailed and shouldn't  be missed out on.

heart corset necklace by veronablack

I also have this sweet as candy green leather and laced corset heart necklace by veronablack which I love for the bold and unusual color choice and the grommets embedded in the heart itself. its yummy!

earrings by ButtonDivas

If your craving for a spectacular 50's ear ornament look no further! these pink button corset silhouette earrings by ButtonDivas are cotton candy pink and an item any one of you dolls crave for.

laced corset ring by jeweleyeful
lacedcorset ring by SecretAura
2 rings had the corset tie to catch my eye, this turquoise laced corset ring by SecretAura is cheecky and has a beautiful simple shape that totally hits my taste buds.
If you like a more sculpted look, this silver laced corset ring by jeweleyeful is right up your alley, the little silver corset tie actually looks real!

corset jewelry rack by AustinJames

And if you want a clever way to store all you new found accessorize, this super cute lacedvcorset
jewlary rack by AustinJames is the answer to all your problems.

steampunk corset belt by AudraJean
This is to my opinion one of the best finds of the day simply for its... simplicity! this black leather bow belt by africanemporium is a wrap around belt so it will suite a verity of sizes and it will look amazing as a high waist belt over any dress or slouch top (a look Im known to be a fool for)
bow belt by africanemporium

a more daring belt is this steampunk corset harness belt by AudraJean, I think it can look very Victorian over a buttoned up shirt, and it actually can dress up ant top you have.

And last but not least, I even have these laced corset napkin rings by steelribbons for all you domestic divas, so you can keep the corset motive while entertaining you favorite guests .

napkin ring by steelribbons

So go corset crazy, enjoy the huge sale im having and drop by to see these talented artists creations.
Till next time!

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